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To join our talented team and become a part of our future success, please contact us at and add your CV and motivation letter. Please mention clearly the vacancy you are applying for in the subject line.

Our people are:

  • Technical masters in their fields of expertise
  • Open-minded and innovation-focused
  • Productive team members when working with internal and external collaborators
  • Driven by a sense of urgency and discipline
  • Excellent communicators
  • Leaders, inspiring others to generate significant results

List of vacancies

Medical Research Liaison (Boston based)

For the expansion of the Medical Affairs team located in Boston, argenx is currently looking for 4 Medical Research Liaisons.

Medical Research Liaison EU

For the expansion of the Medical Affairs team, argenx is looking for a Medical Research Liaisons for Europe.

Legal Counsel

For the expansion of our legal team, argenx is looking for a Legal Counsel. The Legal Counsel supports all legal dimensions of the company’s business: he/she is directly involved in various legal aspects of the company’s business and operations, supports legal contracts and contract negotiations and coordinates or manages external legal advisors. The Legal Counsel furthermore supports the General Counsel in all corporate governance and compliance matters.

Head of Biostatistics

We are looking for a Head of Biostatistics who will be responsible for the development and management of biostatistics function at argenx to provide statistical leadership in designs, conduct, analysis and result interpretation of clinical studies, and to influence decision making for clinical research and development programs.

Hospitality medewerker

We zijn momenteel op zoek naar een Hospitality medewerker die onder andere zal instaan voor het onthaal van bezoekers & leveranciers en het beheer van de vergaderzalen (deeltijds contract).

Scientific Communications Director

To expand our team we are currently looking for a Scientific Communications Director. The Scientific Communications Director will develop and lead the Scientific Communication function ensuring it is central to argenx’s ongoing and proactive knowledge gathering, management and dissemination.

Director of Business Systems

For the expansion of our organization, argenx is looking for a Director of Business Systems. The Director of Business Systems supports all Business Systems dimensions of the company: defines the strategic plans for IT, which satisfy the current and on-going needs of the organization’s business strategy, and the current and future capabilities of IT. The Director of Business Systems promotes clear decision making, leading to valid reasons for IT acquisitions. He/she furthermore supports and facilitates practices and decisions which recognize the current and evolving needs of all the stakeholders.

Director PV Operations

For the expansion of our team, argenx is looking for a Director PV Operations who will be responsible for drug safety, risk management and ensure the compliance of regulatory requirements with high medical and scientific quality and standards. The Director PV Operations provides the medical guidance/decisions for drug safety operations and will also be responsible for setting up services for aggregate reporting, signal detections and risk management and other area. This role is a critical part and will play a major role in the development of the organization, and ultimately responsible, for the pharmacovigilance services for all clients.

GPS Safety Lead

For the expansion of our Global Patient Safety team, argenx is looking for a GPS Safety Lead to manage the global oversight of safety risk management activities for assigned product(s) including clinical safety, signal detection, signal management, aggregate reports, risk communication, risk mitigation and risk management.

Safety Risk Manager Lead

For the expansion of our Safety team, argenx is looking for a Safety Risk Manager Lead. The responsibility of the Safety Risk Manager Lead is to supervise, coordinate, review and provide scientific guidance in the context of safety surveillance, aggregate report generation and pharmacovigilance analytics via collaboration in a cross functional environment. This position provides leadership and support in the implementation of signal detection activities involving identification, critical evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of safety data as documented in safety topics reports. Additionally, the position is responsible for characterization of risks and preparation of high quality and accurate documentation relevant to these activities.

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