ARGX-111 is a best-in-class SIMPLE Antibody™ with therapeutic potential for cancer metastases, targeting many cancer types such as gastric, renal, liver and brain.In Phase 1 clinical trials, ARGX-111 has demonstrated a very promising safety profile and initial signs of metabolic activity in patients with a specific genetic aberration (MET-amplification).


Clinical trials

  • Concluded Phase 1b clinical cohort in MET-amplified cancer patients
  • Clinical activity & safety demonstrated
    • Metabolic response in MET-amplified gastric and renal cancer patients
    • Measurement of reduced bone metastasis and potent depletion of circulating tumor cells
 ASCO ARGX-111 poster

Mode of action

  • Three modes of action: blocking of tumor cell proliferation (HGF-dependent & HGF-independent), destruction of MET-positive circulating tumor cells, and increased tissue penetration
  • SIMPLE Antibody™ potently blocking MET
  • Highly potent cell killing properties through POTELLIGENT®
  • Increased tissue penetration through NHance™
 Cancer Research 2015, Hultberg et al.


  • MET: growth factor receptor for HGF (hepatocyte growth factor)
  • Triggers tumor growth and spread of cancer to other organs (metastasis)
 JCI 2014, Basilico et al.  Nature reviews 2014, Garber


  • MET-amplified cancers

    MET amplification has been detected in several tumor types: gastric, renal, breast and ovarian. MET-amplified patients are rare: between 1% and 8% of these cancer types.   

    Abnormal MET-activation in cancer correlates with poor prognosis, where aberrantly active MET triggers tumor growth, formation of new blood vessels that supply the tumor with nutrients and cancer spread to other organs (metastasis). MET is deregulated in many types of human malignancies, including cancers of kidney, liver, stomach, breast and brain.