ARGX-115 is a first-in-class SIMPLE Antibody™ with potential for cancer immunotherapy. ARGX-115 is currently in preclinical development and has been partnered with AbbVie, Inc. on April 20, 2016 under a Development and Exclusive License Option Agreement.

Preclinical data

  • Preclinical studies demonstrate how ARGX-115 inhibits the immunosuppressive activity of human Tregs. ARGX-115  binds GARP in complex with inactive TGF-ß preventing release of active TGF-ß.
 Science Translation Medicine 2015, Cuende et al.


  • GARP: a novel immune checkpoint
  • Inhibition of GARP: inhibition of immunosuppressive activity of human Tregs
 Journal of Immunology 2013, Edwards et al.


  • Several cancer types

    In cancer patients, tumors and cancer cells escape from immune surveillance, which enables them to continue to grow and proliferate. 

    Tumors can suppress the immune system by co-opting different immunosuppressive cells such as Tregs, which exert contact-dependent inhibition of immune cells through the production of active TGF-ß. On the Treg cell surface, membrane protein GARP regulates the production of active TGF-ß.