Transparency & Disclosure

We believe in fairly and appropriately compensating members of the Healthcare Community for their expertise and contributions to developing new medicines, improving patients' lives, and advancing treatments and medical knowledge.

Our relationships with the Healthcare Community include services for clinical investigations, advisory, sharing expertise at educational programs, and supporting knowledge sharing and advancements in healthcare through educational grants.

We recognize a growing expectation to publicly and transparently disclose our financial relationships with the Healthcare Community. These disclosures provide awareness to patients and others and help ensure healthcare professionals act in the best interest of patients when making treatment decisions.

argenx discloses transfers of value to members of the Healthcare Community, including Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), Healthcare Organizations (HCOs), Patient Organizations (POs), and other community members in accordance with local laws, regulations, and industry codes of practice, including but not limited to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Transparency Code of Conduct.

argenx recognizes that all transfers of value should be as transparent as possible.

Transparency Disclosure and Data Protection

argenx shall collect and process personal information strictly necessary to make such disclosures pursuant to local legal obligations, to which argenx is subject, argenx legitimate interests and/or HCP’s consent.

It is argenx’s position that the publication of data relating to such activities, particularly on a named basis, serves important legitimate interests of argenx, as well as the public interest, because such disclosure serves to:

  • foster greater transparency within the pharmaceutical industry, the medical community and society as a whole;
  • promote HCP’s and HCOs’ accountability to patients for decisions made about their treatment;
  • urge HCPs to furtherly improve their care services to patients;
  • enable argenx to comply with its disclosure obligations, for instance under Belgium transparency laws;
  • enhance trust in the integrity of the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and HCP and HCOs;
  • demonstrate argenx commitment to the continual education of HCPs, which ensures a higher level of care to patients.

If argenx is not required (alt: mandated) to disclose the individualized data, and the HCP objects to the processing and disclosure of their data on an individual named basis, and then argenx will still aggregate their data with other ToV data, so that the disclosed data does not identify them as an individual (anonymized statistical data).

argenx may publish ToVs made by argenx to HCPs, HCOs, and POs on the argenx corporate website or the website of an industry association. When legally required, disclosure will occur on the relevant dedicated government transparency websites.

The data, once published, will be available for at least 3 years (unless another legal or regulatory retention period applies in the relevant country).

HCPs may always inquire about the methods and purposes of the processing and disclosures described above, as well as “opt out” of or withdraw their consent to such disclosures, as applicable. If the HCP wishes to review, correct, update, restrict, object to the processing, withdraw their consent or delete their Personal Data, as well as receive an electronic copy of such Data for in order to transmit it to another company, they may contact argenx at [email protected] and/or our Privacy Office via email at [email protected]. argenx will respond to requests consistent with applicable laws and implement appropriate measures to ensure that the HCPs privacy rights are respected.

Disclosures are available for each country below.